Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Skittles hasn't read the email yet. Her internet's been down all weekend, which is why she hasn't been on line. I convinced her to delete the email without reading during our spare period in the library, so hopefully she'll do that. I just told her that I was being retarded at two in the morning and that she really didn't want to read garbage like that. So, things have returned to normal, with her ignoring me and joking around with Fai, and me sitting there feeling bored. Now I really can't wait to move away and find new friends. Maybe I'll make some who are actually interested in me.
Don't get me wrong, I do love my friends very much, but I've always seemed to have this problem where I make a great group of friends who eventually become better friends with each other than me, and then I get ditched. A lot. So I'm sensing a bit of a pattern here and am hoping it's not inherent to my nature; attracting people who will eventually tire of me. *sighs*
At least I'm safe for now.

No new word for today. I'll submit one later.

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