Monday, April 5, 2010

After Easter

Spent Sunday and most of today at my brother's place. Got back to find there was still no reply from Skittles, regarding my regretful email (I may have mentioned it my previous post). Either she still hasn't got it, which worries me, seeing as I have never known her to go more than a couple of days without going on the Internet, or she did get it and it either scared her and she doesn't know what to say, or she's pissed at me for being clingy. Either way, I'll find out tomorrow. If she's not at school at all, I'm calling her. It may make things worse, but I can't take this anymore. I'm going nuts waiting for a reply.
Recieved a Wild Thing plushie in my Easter basket yesterday. It is utterly adorable and has inspired me to make another attempt at drawing a comic. I have a great idea for the story and the characters (based around Where the Wild Things Are, of course) but that's the same as with all my previous comic attempts. I can write the story and I can draw the characters but I cannot, for the life of me, get the damn backgrounds right. Perspective sucks, my friends.
Have been thinking a lot about my ex lately. He was my first boyfriend, and I loved him so much. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met in my life, we have a ton in common (anime, fantasy books, a love of really long walks). Sadly, I ended it with him a couple of weeks before Valentine's (because I am an awful bitch) and we haven't really talked much since. I still like him though and, thanks to my sister being friends with him on facebook, I know he still likes me. (Even though I was such a bitch. Weird, eh?) I broke up with him because it was a long distance relationship, and I felt guilty because he had to spent a lot of money to come see me, and I couldn't afford to always be going to see him. However, if I get in to my top choice for school next year, I will be moving to his hometown. Do you think he'd take me back?
I went into a secondhand bookshop today and picked out a rather interesting read: "Death Writes." It's a book about life, written from the perspective of Death. The author is unknown; the person who had it published claims to have found it all scribbled in a notebook left on the table in a coffeeshop. It is somewhat dark, but if you enjoy mystery, absurdism and a bit of philosophy, I think you make enjoy this book. Look for it.

Word for the day is: optimism
Optimism: a feeling or attitude of hopefullness and positivity.
(I need to stay optimistic about all these things or I fear my head may explode)

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